I’m a design strategist & innovator currently living in Amsterdam.

In 2016 I created what Forbes magazine described as “the world’s first AI football commentator” for the UEFA Champions League final on behalf of Heineken.

In the same year I created a prototype for the prediction of human displacement in Africa using AI & thereafter worked with the UN Refugee Agency to actualise a pilot project in the same field.

I founded the Ulwazi Accelerator in 2018 to equip young Zimbabweans with the skills needed to contribute to the global digital economy.

In 2019 I created an app for the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease using AI-powered computer vision and presented my findings at Oxford University on the Skoll World Forum stage.

I have a strong passion for fresh new ideas that will change the lives of those around me and I am a firm believer that AI is shaping the technological zeitgeist worldwide.

Also, I like Kanye West Gqom.