28 year-old Cape Town resident with exceptional skills in User Experience design and website development. I have a strong work ethic and a fun-loving, curious nature.

I am a multi-talented, creative and versatile human-centered designer with extensive experience in website and mobile application design and development. I've acquired outstanding collaborative and interpersonal skills and I am a dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities.
A passionate and inventive lover of fresh ideas, I am accustomed to performing beyond expectations in deadline-driven environments.

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Being that I come from a visual arts background, User Experience and User Interface design are my strong points. I make informed typography choices and work with palettes that are pleasing to the eye.


I have very strong HTML 5 + CSS 3 + jQuery development skills. Seriously. I enjoy seeing a project come to life transforming from static pixels to dynamic elements that enrich a user’s experience. Being self-taught, I have the unrestrained ability to follow digital trends with ease and acquire new knowledge as such.


Upon reaching full proficiency in front-end development I set my sights on back-end development with a particular focus on the WordPress Content Management System. This has resulted in my ability to create WordPress themes from scratch with full client-area functionality and provisions for modular expansion. I am always up to date with new WordPress.org core updates and how to implement these in themes I develop.


I develop cross-platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova in my free time. I create applications that use device APIs such as the camera, GPS and 3G connectivity and I am able to parse JSON and XML data from RESTful APIs in the apps I develop. I also keep abreast with platform guidelines to ensure my apps feel and behave as native as possible.

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Hi Babusi, my name is and I think your work is pretty cool. I'd like to reach out to you about. Please email me on and let me know when you're available to chat.